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Boomaroo Vans

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Express Van For Restoration

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Express Van very rare to find with Driver

Boomaroo Tippers


Boomaroo toys were established in 1933  By the mid-1960s they had become associated with Artlay Manufacturing Company Pty Ltd.


 Boomaroo made cars, trucks, tractors trains -- as well as novelty toys,  robots, kitchen toys etc.






Boomaroo Toys


Boomaroo Toys made a range of pressed steel vehicles and other toys in competition with other Australian manufacturers such as Wyn-toy and overseas toy companies such as the Buddy-L


The name derives from a combination of the words 'boomerang' and 'kangaroo' and their trademark depicted a kangaroo perched on a boomerang, above the words 'Made in Australia'.

In 1963 The Toy and Games Manufactures Association held a "Toy Market" open only to the trade. Australian manufactured toys had captured half the market worth approx £20m a year.

Toy Of The Year

Awards were made each year for new toys, based on originality, play value, educational and above all quality.

First price in 1963 went to Boomaroo Pty.Ltd for the Qantas tractor and trailer

Seen below without trailer

Second Award went to the Cyclops and Lines Bros Veteran Pedal Car

Its tough high density Polythene material was demonstrated with a 13 stone man jumped on the car stating it will not break (it Didn't)

The Third Award went to Wyn Products for for a pull-along truck and trailer set.

(Sorry no image)

Boomaroo  announced it was ready to change the currency of the popular Cash register

Cash Register after decimal currency



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