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Cyclops Clipper


Cyclops 1950-1960


Pedalmania brings to you a look at Australian Pedal Cars from 1950-1960 we will list only cars we have images or Brochures on. If you have any information or images we would love to hear from you...

The Australian Government import restrictions after World War 2 led to  rapid growth and production.

Cyclops made a great range of Pedal Cars some of which were produced from the 50's through to the 60's



Cyclops Chevy/Comet

The Chevrolet was later renamed The 'Comet' and was produced late in to the sixties in many shapes including Tippers and super Scoops

Cyclops Clipper

The Cyclops Clipper was produced from 1953-1959 with a few modifications at first promoted as the Ford Clipper

The Clipper Features in many 1950's advertising as seen on this page it also is popular amongst collectors and at displays

Clippers on display by Damien Harris

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Cyclops Waggon

Cyclops often made a variety of cars based on older models such as the the crash wagon,


The Cyclops Waggon see more...