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The Early years saw Cyclops produce Motor cars & locomotives. , click on the thumbnails for descriptions.

No.0 Motor Car  Circa 1924-1932

Later known as Chrysler.

No.1 Motor Car Circa 1924-1932

No.22 Motor Car Circa 1924

No.24  Mot or Car Circa 1924-1932

Locomotive  Circa 1924

Armoured Car Circa 1940
Buick Circa 1935-1939
Chevy Circa 1939-1941
   Chrysler Circa 1935-1941

Dodge Circa 1935-1938

Flyer(Centenary) Circa 1935

Oldsmobile Circa 1935-1941


Cyclops Dolls Bed

Cyclops Dolls Prams