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'Ezy-Bilt' construction toy, 1948 - 1960

Ezy-Bilt was an Australian-made metal construction toy which was almost a direct copy of the famous Meccano pieces made in England by Frank Hornby and first produced there in 1908 as Mechanics Made Easy. Its distinguishing feature is the metal strips with equidistant holes enabling them to be assembled with tiny screws into a variety of items. Over the years there have been many imitators of Meccano including Marklin Metall in Germany, Erector and Structo in the United States, Tekno in Norway and Sweden and Ezy-Bilt & Buz in Australia.

Many local toy manufacturers flourished in Australia both during and after the Second World War especially during the war years when production of Meccano was suspended.

Ezy-Bilt made a cheaper alternative to Meccano.
Ezy-Bilt, a construction toy, is advertised as the wonder toy for boys with the image of a boy assembling the Harbour bridge.


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