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The Wonderful World Of Pedal Cars and Tin Toys


Ever since the invention of the Automobile. Children have tried to imitate their parents, they have achieved this through the art of playing, Pedal Cars have  helped them grow, and to encourage their imagination.

The names Cyclops and Peerless are Australian icons.


They are part of the history of Australian childhood.

Pedalmania brings to you the memories of those by-gone days,

With pictures and descriptions of the golden age of Australian Pedal Cars.

Pedalmania started in a small town called Luddenham west of Sydney in 1997 by a small group of Pedal car collectors

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World Of Pedal Cars

See are images of Pedal Car from around the world at Pedal Car World  we ask for your help with any pic's or information you have.

Australia's Pedal Car History started with Cyclops



Pedal cars were produced by Cyclops in Australia from 1917. These were made of pine wood and sheet metal and had spoked wheels with rubber tyres. The front wheels were smaller in the front.

By the early 1920s Cyclops were producing a range of pedal cars and wagons. The cars were sold for 3 pounds 15 shillings (roughly $7.50), or a slightly cheaper version at 3 pounds 9 shillings and sixpence ($6.95). This was nearly the average wage for men at the time, so any young boy who was given one of these manufactured toys was very lucky indeed. During World War II, pedal car production was limited or non existent for most Pedal Car Manufacturers world wide as metal was needed for the War effort.

Shortly after the war and due to the return servicemen wanting to buy the very best for their children pedal cars around the world saw a resurgence  that would not only last  through the 50's but would lead to Cyclops becoming an  Aussie Icon, ask any Australian Baby Boomer today and I'm sure they will  have a story about their favorite Cyclops Toy.

Childrens Playground


Children quite often are a mirror image of adults or their surroundings. Throughout the years, war, space projects and television have influenced children on how they play. Pictured below is an example of how kids can play.

More of what can influence children can been seen on are page When We Were Kids





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