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Wyn-Toy Cars

Wyn Toys Eh Ute & Wagon these toys are the most popular of all Wyn Toys the Ute has sold on Ebay for $13oo.oo

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Wyn- Toy Trucks


The Wyn- Toy brochure from 1964.

Toys that give the the child "something to do." Working toys which will occupy his hands and stimulate his mind.

These toys look and operate like their real-life counter parts even down to small details.

They are fascinating and functional toys suited for the formative years of the"men of tomorrow."

Staunchly built from sturdy steel, Wyn-Toy products prove that "Made in Australia" implies an imprimatur of quality.


Pedalmania is always glad to hear from collectors Barbara Mihan sent us an email regarding Boomaroo and Wyn Toys

 Wyn finished in 1973 when Hills Industries took over Wyn and no longer proceeded with making toy vehicles, concentrating on playground equipment and rotary clothes hoists.

Thanks for the info love to have some images of these items

Wyn also made Lawn Mowers similar to Cyclops as seen below.

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Wyn Toy Jeep