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Battery Operated Toys

These toys are generally either an animated character, a robot or car. These are all now highly collectible, and have prices to reflect this. 1946 saw Japanese toy makers begin to replace clockwork mechanisms with mini electric motors that could simulate most human-animal motions over the next 20 years Japan would dominate the world making 95% of Battery Operated Toys.


Popeye Toys are amongst the rarest Battery Toys often fetching thousands of $$$

Peaking in the late sixties production began to decline mainly due to labor costs or safety restrictions this would see many companies either fold or diversify ultimately spelling the end of production.

The period of 1940-1960's is now considered the "Golden Age Of Battery Operated Toys"

Pedalmania has found some examples of these toys on You Tube

The Bear Collection

Hungry Baby Bear Circa 1950's

9" Tall six Actions


Sleeping Bear

Circa 1950's 9" Tall Six Actions

Barber Bear

Circa:1950's 9" Tall Five actions

Drinking Buddies

Drinking Bar Tender

Drinking bar tender circa: 1962 12" Tall with 6 actions see him live on You Tube



Blushing Willy

Circa: 1960 10" Tall, four Actions you can also see him Live!

Good Time Charlie

Circa:1960 seven Actions 12" Tall


Charlie Weaver

Circa:1962 12" Tall six actions